Project Narrative

As part of our corporate routine, our social responsibilities include affecting those women, as well as society at large, who are experiencing life transitions, family or work crisis’ and/or lack of direction.
Our desire is to encourage and prepare individuals, to become economically independent and to pay it forward their community; providing each, with tools and strategies that will lead to an overcoming lifestyle…while focusing and maintaining a level of structure in their life pursuits.

Our “Healing Rain  Project is a comprehensive employment program designed to address the unique needs of those who are in life’s transition.

The employment program will assist individuals in:

  • developing knowledge, skills and abilities to increase their employability and income-earning potential; 
  • finding and/or maintaining employment; and will
  • increase their assets and resources to reduce their vulnerability to poverty and abuse. 

The Employment program seeks to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships to deliver the program effectively. These partnerships will include:

  1. Women Organization(s): women’s organization with demonstrated expertise in delivering a broad range of programs and services to women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs;
  2. Education and Training Organization(s): publicly-funded colleges with a proven track record of delivering successful employment training and educational programs; and/or not-for-profit community-based organizations with a proven track record of delivering successful employability training and educational programs;
  3. Employers: a minimum of two employers that are committed to providing work placements and employment opportunities.

 The “Healing Rain Project supports targeted approaches to meet the needs of diverse groups, including  ethno-cultural/racial, rural communities and seniors.