About Healing Rain


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Helping women succeed in life, and to develop strategic action plans towards the pursuit of life, career, educational, employment, spiritual and entrepreneurial goals.


Our eleven year history encompasses several guiding principles:


    1. We are unique, an original design creation with talents and abilities.
    2. Each of us is creative and resourceful.
    3. All of us has the responsibility to help others use and develop their unique talents in every way possible; especially to be productive and useful.
    4. Significant work is an essential part of daily living through the use of our unique talents and abilities.
    5. By providing resources and information, we can help others use their abilities to find fulfilling employment, meaningful opportunities and enriched lives.


Programs within the Center are underwritten through donations, grants and in-kind services.


The Domestic Violence/Abuse Scholarship Fund solicits donations for the following projects and programs:


1. Back on Track Women’s Employment Program

2. Domestic Violence Support

3. Teen Dating Abuse Project




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