“Back on Track” Employment Initiative

women employment


Our “Back on Track” Employment Initiative a comprehensive employment program designed to address the unique needs of women who have experienced domestic violence, or are at risk of domestic violence. Our vision is to help them build economic independence.





The employment program will assist women to:

  • develop knowledge, skills and abilities to increase their employability and income-earning potential; 
  • find and/or maintain employment; and
  • increase their assets and resources to reduce their vulnerability to poverty and abuse. 


The Employment program seeks to develop and maintain partnerships to deliver the program effectively. These partnerships will include:

  1. Violence Against Women Prevention Organization(s): women’s organization with demonstrated expertise in delivering a broad range of programs and services to work to end violence against women and to support women who are victims of domestic violence;
  2. Education and Training Organization(s): publicly-funded colleges with a proven track record of delivering successful employment training and educational programs; and/or not-for-profit community-based organizations with a proven track record of delivering successful employability training and educational programs;
  3. Employers: a minimum of two employers that are committed to providing work placements and employment opportunities.


 The “Back on Track” Employment Initiative supports targeted approaches to meet the needs of diverse groups, including  ethno-cultural/racial, rural communities and seniors.